How it started

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When we first started Bump the only thing that mattered to us was surfing, making enough money to pay rent and buy food(and beer). We spent many early mornings and late nights scheming on how this whole thing would play out. The first 3 years were spent building our business locally throught the farmers markets out of a one bedroom apartment in Encinitas. We eventually got our shit together, bought a stepvan and turned it into a coffee truck. Now we've made it! Haha, not quite... we would post up in front of Pipes beach every weekday morning for another year before we got into the Cardiff location we have to day. There are a lot of things we could say about starting a business and how we would do it differently but honestly we wouldnt change a thing. We have definitley fucked up, but the most important thing that we have done is never give up, ever.

How its Going

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The Cardiff shop has been open for about 4 years now and it has been the most fulfilling and humbling experience we have ever had. There have been ups and downs like any business, but the community has fully embraced us and really given us the strength to keep moving forward. We absolutely love this place and have decided to double down with a second location in Leucadia, we cannot wait to build the same vibe just a couple miles north.

Committed to our Community

Since 2014 

We wouldn’t be here without our loyal community, which is why we’re committed to serving you in the best way we know how – quality coffee and experiences that brings a smile to your face. Sounds cliche but thats really what we try to do every day.

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About us

Our Dna

We have always loved experiences that are thoughtful and real. You know, the type of places where the people give a shit about what they are doing. We love those places, they have a vibe, good music, cool people working that know how to connect with customers. REAL PEOPLE, doing real things. Thats what we love and thats what we strive to do every single day.

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